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About Sarah Fearne Photography

About Sarah Fearne Photography

A free spirit, enjoying the simple things in life and pushing myself to be better.

I’m a Mummy of 2 girls, Annie is 10 and Betsy is 6, and I have been married to Gavin for 11 years! We are an active family and enjoy long walks with our 2 dogs, Trafford and Trigger. We love being by the sea, walking for miles on an empty beach while the sun sets are one of our happiest places to be.

I have a passion for working out and pushing myself to the limit and have recently completed my personal training qualification. I am also a level 2 cycling coach, and I particularly love to see children exercising and having fun!

If I’m not in the gym, you can often find me in a coffee shop. I can’t get enough of good coffee and rooting for a bargain in charity shops.

I have been a photographer for over 15 years. I don’t know anything else.

My photography has taken me to some amazing places, I’ve been invited to share weddings in St Lucia & Lake Orta. I’ve been asked to photograph families celebrating lifetime milestones,  trusted to take memorial photographs for those who are sadly not with us anymore.

I photograph some quirky products for commercial marketing, cakes for a bakery (and taste test of course!).

I get to meet some dedicated people as they transform their bodies through fitness and nutrition.

What I love most is the children. I love how I get to play with them, be daft and roll about on the floor with them. Gaining their trust, so I’m no longer a scary lady with a camera. I’m their friend, and that enables me to capture their true personalities. Natural smiles and giggles!

I am so grateful for the trust of these special moments in your life. I really do have the best job!!

About Sarah Fearne Photography

My Values


My hope is to have a personal connection with every client.

I promise to be sensitive, conscientious, and energetic.

My mission as a photographer is to capture and provide you and your families with images that reflect who you are. Building a relationship of trust and honesty is really important to me. I want you to feel comfortable in my company. I am human, and may not respond to emails straight away, or deliver a little later than planned. Sometimes my life is hectic, but I promise to always be completely honest with my clients.


I’m super friendly, and I usually end up good friends with most of my clients! Which is lovely for me, I get to be part of their lives as the family grows.

I’m not only a wedding photographer, I like a guest, involved in all of the magic of the day.


This his is so important to me, I don’t think I could do this job if I didn’t love it and find it fun.

I play with the kids, sing, tickle… all the fun things as adults we forget to do. It’s amazing to let yourself go and laugh.

Don’t be surprised if in a family shoot you are piled on top of each other, tickling grandad, hugging your brothers, it’s all part of the fun, silliness and pure LOVE.

Most of all, I want you to enjoy being photographed, it’s not that bad I promise!

What I Do Best

Family Photographer

Family Photography

Family sessions are are fun, relaxed and interactive, where you and your family can be your playful selves, where I can capture genuine joy and happiness. Giving you memories that last a lifetime.

School Photographer

Schools & Nursery

No boring posed school photographs here! Its all about letting the children be themselves, relaxed and comfortable. The packages are flexible allowing you to purchase multiple images in affordable packages.

Schools and Nursery settings receive 10% commission as a thank you.

Baby Photographer

New Baby Photography

Babies are probably the most photographed member of the family, and they grow up so fast!

A baby portrait is about creating a stunning piece of art. Something stunning, breath taking and heart stopping that your family will be coo-ing over for generations.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography

’Time flies when you are having fun’

All of my clients comment on how quickly their wedding day goes. I always say, enjoy every moment. Its my privilege to capture the story of the day as it unfolds, with a big smile on my face as I get wrapped up in the enjoyment and emotion… I cry sometimes at the service and speeches!

Fitness Modelling Photographer

Fitness Modelling

Document your hard work and journey with something truly incredible to remember.

I believe in being relaxed yet professional, making your experience memorable whether this is on location, in the gym or in the studio.

I have been here; I know what it feels like. I understand the work and dedication that goes in to a body transformation, so the importance of capturing you at the best shape of your life needs to be done with creativity and flair.

Visual Marketing Services

Visual Marketing

Commercial photography is about creating vibrant images to represent businesses and the services they have not offer. Portraits, Products, Food & Drink, Interior, telling the story through visual marketing.

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